Debut Album Out Now

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The Dobra Robota debut album is out now, available through iTunes, Napster, CD Baby and others. You can also listen to the album on Spotify.

Press release

Read the comic book press release or find out more about the album.

Listen To Dobra Robota

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You can listen sample tracks from the new album on the Dobratron 2020 (requires Flash).

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About Dobra Robota

The electronic pop collective known as Dobra Robota forge a sound concentrating on infectious synthesiser melodies and inventive structures and rhythms.

'Dobra Robota' translates roughly as 'good work' or 'nice job' in Polish. The word robot may originate from the play RUR (Rossum's Universal Robots) written by the Czech author Karl Capek in 1920.

There are currently no robots working directly with Dobra Robota.